Travel Bubble

APVRS 2022 Taipei – Special Travel Bubble Quarantine Exempt Travel to Taipei

Till today, the host city of APVRS 2022 Congress, Taipei is still not fully open to visitors. All international travellers are still subject to stay at designated quarantine hotels for three days after arrival, regardless of their visa status.

The local host is anticipating that border restrictions shall further relax, and all of these pre-arrangements of the travel bubble will not be required by October. However, with no confirmed timeline from the local government at this stage, we strongly encourage all delegates who have confirmed their plans to attend the APVRS 2022 Taipei in person, to apply this scheme as soon as possible in order to guarantee quarantine exemption.

The application process is free, and should take around xx days. Kindly note that this is NOT an entry visa application. This application is applying for quarantine exemption only. Delegates are responsible to check if they are required to apply for entry visa. More details on entry visa can be found here.

Please read the following guidelines carefully and contact the local team if you have any questions.    

A. Application

  1. Submit the required personal information here
  2. Once your application is approved, the local secretariat will email you the approval form
  3. This approval form must be printed and shown at the Airport upon your arrival in Taipei 
  4. In case of failure to show the approval form, delegates will be regarded as normal travellers and will be subject to mandatory quarantine

B. Before Arriving in Taipei

  1. Check the validity of your passport (at least 6 months before expiry)
  2. Read and sign the consent form here. Bring a print copy for inspection at the Airport in Taipei
  3. Delegates are strongly encouraged to conduct a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of your departure (NOT mandatory)

 C. Arriving in Taipei

  1. Prepare the following documents for inspection at the Airport

a)  Approval Form for the Special Travel Bubble

b)  Signed Consent Form for the Special Travel Bubble

c)  Passport (with approved entry visa if required)

2. PCR Testing

    • Deep-throat saliva samples will be collected for PCR testing at the Airport/port on the day of arrival (Day 0)
    • Delegates are NOT required to wait for the test report at the Airport
    • Congress staff(s) will greet you at the Arrivals Hall and escort you to Congress Hotel via pre-arranged quarantine vehicle
    • Delegates must stay inside their hotel rooms for the test results. They may continue the itinerary after they receive notifications of your negative test results
    • If you’re tested Covid-19 positive

(i)  With CT value > 30: You will be tested again after 24 hours. If the test result shows CT > 30 for the second time, you will not be quarantined.

(ii)   With CT < 30: You will be instructed to move to a quarantine hotel or facility for 7 days of mandatory quarantine

3. Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Kits

    • Delegates will be offered two at-home rapid antigen test (RAT) kits upon arrival
    • Delegates must conduct a RAT on Day 2 and Day 4 and report their test results to Congress Staff via WhatsApp
    • Delegates can only continue the itinerary after they are tested negative

Other Important Notes:

  1. During your entire stay, please follow the CECC epidemic prevention methods ( You are compulsory to wear a surgical mask at all times when you leave the hotel room.
  2. The border measures and relevant epidemic prevention measures will be adjusted on a rolling basis based on developments in the pandemic situation. 
  3. Delegates are strongly advise to purchase travel insurance before arriving in Taipei to cover COVID-19 and other unexpected medical costs. 
  4. As the COVID-19 situation remains fluid, and travel restrictions and requirements can change and differ from country to country, please check with your respective embassy or travel agency to verify the requirements and ensure compliance with all visa and entry regulations imposed by Taipei and your home country. 
  5. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any travel disruptions or expenses incurred by attendees that include, but not limited to failure to comply with the prevailing entry requirements and/or change of travel safety measures imposed by the local government or your home country.